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Constanza is both a PhD in Biology and Master ChiRunning/ ChiWalking Instructor. She organizes ChiRunning workshops for those WOMEN who do not run, who would like to run but are afraid of feeling the “stress of running” and getting injured.

Text: Connie Radavero

What is ChiRunning? This technique integrates the energy flow of the martial art Tai Chi with the biology and physics of running making it effortless and pain and injury free. The objective is to teach people how to run in a proper way mainly by using the correct alignment the body and feeling relaxed while moving. ChiRunning is a method to learn how to run. It is about moving your body more efficiently and taking advantage of the force of gravity.

Now you can learn how to run in the Basel area and profit from the wonderful geography as you run.

“Run your first 10K race in 2022” is the name of the 9-week program that started on January 29th. The training will prepare you to run your first 10 K race on April 3rd in Freiburg, Germany.

New Programs start throughout the year, 5K, 10K, 21K and 42K. Constanza also offers ChiRunning and ChiWalking workshops and a weekend meet-up for running. She also gives personal coaching. Check her website

Constanza L. Lisdero

> CONNIE RADAVERO is our Editor for our new «Expat Corner» section. With her curious international eye, she helps us discover our beautiful city in a unique way.


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