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Aktualisiert: 8. März 2022

Are you looking for gift ideas? Do you want to take a special piece of Basel to your family in your home country? Take a look at some original ones.

Text: Connie Radavero

Sandra Siewert is Swiss-German. She was brought up in the Basel area and moved to Berlin to study Architecture in the 90s. Sandra creates beautiful pieces for posters, postcards, home decor and fashion that you can check on her website.

When her aunt turned 70, she was looking for a special present. Her uncles had managed the Basel Atlantis restaurant for a long time so she surprised her aunt with a designed a poster with the Klosterberg hill motive where the restaurant is located. She then continued designing posters with other Basel landmarks to complete the series. She has now developed a whole series of posters and postcards from other Swiss cities. You can get all these at the @jobfactory pop- up store in Basel, in the old Post building.

Sandra says: “We are fascinated by the built environment, where we discover buildings that tell a story, special places and forgotten architecture. This is the inspiration for our designs, which all embody an urban narrative.” The graphics and prints draw on elements of city architecture. Detached from their urban surrounding, abstracted and rearranged, they unfold a new aesthetic – between abstraction and reality. They provoke an emotion in the viewer. "

You can find these posters in Job Factory in Dreispitz or in their pop-up store in Basel’s old town.


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