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With the start of colder days, cashmere pieces should not be missing from any closet. The soft material not only feels nice and warm on the skin - it also looks super stylish.

With our C&A cashmere collection, you're ready for the next cuddly days. The best part? Our cashmere pieces are SFA certified. In 2021, C&A has been the first brand to bring products to market, certified to the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) - Cashmere Standard. SFA certified cashmere is sourced more responsibly, aiming at high animal welfare standards, while minimising environmental impact and safeguarding herder livelihoods. In ad- dition, SFA is working with 95 herder communities, of which some of them are nomadic herders. Herd- ers only have one cashmere harvest per year which makes up most of their annual income. The SFA is aiming to ensure the long-term viability of the sector and herder livelihoods by helping to stabilize the market as well as promote land restoration and protection.


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