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«If I can make this world a better place with my art, I will do it.»

Patrizia Stalder was selected among the Best Illustrators of the World by the prestigious Lürzer's Archive Magazine.

Text: Connie Radavero In her 20s Patrizia had an experience that was a turning point in her life. She decided to do her studies at the Instituto de Artes Superiores in Cuba. As soon as she arrived in the Caribbean Island, she fell in love with the Cuban culture and felt she belonged there. The three years spent in this tropical place, left a significant mark that translated into her artwork. She soon developed an art full of colorful bright tropical plants, exotic animals, abstract forms and curvy lines.

She recalls her passion for drawing started when she was a little five-year-old girl when together with her twin sister they spent long hours in their bedroom playing with beautiful drawings and phantasy stories of exotic African women.

She is a Baslerin and adores this city. Her creations can now be seen very often in its streets. From street mural art, to festival posters, Patrizia has recently painted iconic wall murals at the Märthof Hotel in Marktplatz.

Patrizia is committed to making this world a better place and therefore she designs handbags to support «Mama Tierra», a Swiss association that helps indigenous Wayuu women in Colombia with nutritional programs and fair trade for their handcrafts. Additionally with the sale of T-shirts she designs, she supports an initiative run by the Basel Botanical Garden that preserves a forest area in Ecuador.

She enjoys reinventing herself over and over again, always sticking to her bright colors and curvy lines DNA and is now taking her art to a home décor project. Her unique artistic talent and charisma make Patrizia a «Latin Baslerin» that stand outs in the city’s art scene.

> CONNIE RADAVERO is our Editor for our new «Expat Corner» section. With her curious international eye, she helps us discover our beautiful city in a unique way.


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