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Aktualisiert: 31. Jan. 2022

«I wrote a letter to the owner of Läckerli Huus at the time telling him I wanted to lead his company»

Text: Connie Radavero

Determination and perseverance describe Miriam Baumann-Blocher since her early years. At the age of 32 the young food engineer and daughter of well-known Swiss Politician Christoph Blocher, already had some experience in the food industry but also had the ambition to lead her own business.

While researching attractive companies to work for she came across Läckerli Huus, that produces the Original Basel Läckerli. As a girl, her grandmother introduced her to the Basel spiced cookies every Christmas. She adored them!

So Miriam set herself a goal. She wrote to Läckerli Huus owner Mr. Klein, without knowing that at that same time he was searching for a CEO to take the helm. He decided to offer her the job. But Miriam had a more ambitious plan: «I’d be interested in assuming the role, only if I own the company», she told Mr. Klein. Her determination paid off. A few months later in 2007 Mr. Klein sold Miriam the Läckerli Huus.

Founded in 1904 in Basel, Läckerli Huus developed its own Läckerli cookie recipe that is still marketed today. However when Miriam acquired this family-owned company, a new era began.

In 2014, Läckerli Huus built a new energy efficient manufacturing and offices building equipped with state of the art technology. A brand revitalization was also initiated. Additionally, a year later a whole new product line for fine chocolates and pralinés was launched. Miriam’s vision to broaden Läckerli Huus appeal across different consumer segments is now driving the company growth.

On a personal level, Miriam and her husband are parents of two small children aged 4 and 6. When asked how she manages a healthy work life balance between family and her company, she states: «Being organized is the secret for me. We share the family tasks with my husband and a nanny also helps us at home».

> CONNIE RADAVERO is our Editor for our new «Expat Corner» section. With her curious international eye, she helps us discover our beautiful city in a unique way.


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